White Water Rafting in Manali

River Rafting

Whitewater River Rafting

White water is formed by rapid flow of river due to which, current become frothy, aerated and bubbly due to which river water appears as white water. River rafting is an outdoor activity which can be carried out on different degree of rough. This activity was started from mid 1970.  A river rafting is an adventurous sport in Manali which is carried out on inflated raft on water bodies. Raft is made of multi – layered rubber with several independent air chambers. 4 to 12 persons can sit in the raft. River rafting gives a good and thrilling experience to tourists.

White water rafting can be classified in 6 different categories. Category 1 is simple for totally inexperienced person and increases its hurdles and moves towards category 6 which is totally for experts. 4 factors: Gradient, Constriction, Obstruction and Flow rate are the main factors which are responsible for turbulence in river, which forms the white water.

Rafts used for river rafting are of different types. White water Kayaks are designed in the way so that it can deal with the water flowing up onto their deck. Rafts are more stable than Kayaks. They are more suitable to carry large loads because of which it is used for expeditions. Catarafts are the rafts which can be paddled or rowed with oars. Canoes are the other word for open boat. These rafts are paddled with one – blade oar in a low kneeling position. Only 1 person can ride in these rafts.

A river rafting is an adventurous sport but full with dangers. Safety rules and regulations differ from the area of expedition. There are always a chances of getting injured, hitting by object or death by drowning. It is recommended that never stand up while in current, as there will be a chances that whole body will be pushed down in underwater. Danger can be made less serious or painful then eliminating by training, scouting and use of safety equipments.

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