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1st Snowfall in Himachal Pradesh (2012)

Manali receives its first snowfall on 9th December 2012 which gives the good opportunity to the tourist to visit and enjoy the vacation in Himachal Pradesh. The 1st snow of the season attracts a lot of tourists for the adventure activities in Manali. The upper Himachal Pradesh region is covered with the white blanket of snow. Rohtang pass received the heaviest snow fall, which makes it more desirable in between the tourists for the adventure activities.

Snowfall in Manali gives a hike in the tourism in Himachal Pradesh. The temperature in the region has gone down but the enthusiasm of the tourists for the snow activities. The tourists will enjoy the activities like skiing, sledging, snow skating, snow boarding, etc. Many activities are open which make this destination more desirable among the tourists. Himachal tourism provides the best tours for the activities to be accomplished in Himachal. The area in between the Manali and Rohtang pass (Kalpa, Lahul valley, Kullu, Narkanda) received a good snowfall. The mountains, trees and valleys are covered with the snow blanket.

The Himachal Pradesh will see the flood in the tourism during the Christmas and New Year eve. The snow fall limited the daily activities of the life. This snow fall, is also not able to stop the tourist to flock in the region for more adventure activities. For more details on Manali snow activities, visit

Activities in Manali

Activities in manali

What To do in Manali?

Manali, although called the Land of God, is also the most happening place for adventure. Manali in its serene beauty is full of exciting and thrilling sports. Down the rapid Beas River, from the valley, across the gigantic mountains or on the silent banks, the adventure can be cultivated in the form of sports. The entire place is the perfect combination for both relaxation and adventures.

Among the most famous adventurous sports are the Trekking, River Rafting, Skiing, Paragliding, Fishing, and Mountaineering. These activities are the most common thrills that attract tourists to Manali. All these activities are quite safe and happen under proper trainers.

Trekking is the most adventurous sports, a sportsman can desire. Walking on the treks of the mountains, rivers and exploring with utmost difficulties and still feeling excited and rejuvenated. There may be lots of pain and suffering, but your quest to reach to the top, generates the feeling of closeness to nature, satisfaction and eternal joy which is sublime. You can find the endless experience of trekking in the Kullu Valley of Manali.

River Rafting is one of the most excited and irresistible sports. It gives immense pleasure to feel the splashing waves of the river while rowing the raft. The noise of the waves and the speed of water boost the spirit of a person to rejuvenate the challenging task of rafting. One can find the rafting sites in the Rapid Beas River, Mohal, Rason & Katrain etc.

Skiing brings you close to the nature. Surrounded by beautiful snow covering mountains and skiing freely on the snow with the effortless push of gravity brings so much excitement and enthusiasm. Just keep exhilarating in the snow capped mountains all around and running on the snow and leaving behind the blazing path you followed. You will find peace all around the Solang Valley of Manali, as there is only pure white snow wherever your sight goes.

Paragliding which is organized in the Solang Valley attracts several tourists who visit Manali. What could be the best way to see the beauty of the nature from the top and flying high in the sky? It is the recreational and spirited sport. It brings excitement and fun while gliding in the air and watching the Mother Nature. You can take small flights or high flights depending upon the experience you have in skiing. But one thing is for sure, that this ultimate experience can never fade up from your mind.

Fishing is for the calm and peace loving persons. In the tranquil ambiance and green valley of Manali one can find relief and warmth of the nature. Just sitting on the bank of the river and having your snacks. Taking pleasure in the spectacular surroundings you will be out of the world.

Mountaineering or climbing up the mountains is not an easy job. But there are people with Great Spirit and enthusiasm who can travel through the mountains with great pleasure. Indian Himalayas are the way for many mountaineers all over the world. It opens gateways for amateur mountaineers. Climbing over the high passes with difficulties, yet with determination is the source of inspiration for all of us.

Ballooning is such fun, while roaming over the hills of Manali in a large Balloon and viewing the site scenes from the top.

Camping in Manali between the adorable weather and in the arms of Mother Nature is the best part which no one wants to miss. Chilling yourself in the summer season in cool breeze is truly unforgettable.

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White Water Rafting in Manali

River Rafting

Whitewater River Rafting

White water is formed by rapid flow of river due to which, current become frothy, aerated and bubbly due to which river water appears as white water. River rafting is an outdoor activity which can be carried out on different degree of rough. This activity was started from mid 1970.  A river rafting is an adventurous sport in Manali which is carried out on inflated raft on water bodies. Raft is made of multi – layered rubber with several independent air chambers. 4 to 12 persons can sit in the raft. River rafting gives a good and thrilling experience to tourists.

White water rafting can be classified in 6 different categories. Category 1 is simple for totally inexperienced person and increases its hurdles and moves towards category 6 which is totally for experts. 4 factors: Gradient, Constriction, Obstruction and Flow rate are the main factors which are responsible for turbulence in river, which forms the white water.

Rafts used for river rafting are of different types. White water Kayaks are designed in the way so that it can deal with the water flowing up onto their deck. Rafts are more stable than Kayaks. They are more suitable to carry large loads because of which it is used for expeditions. Catarafts are the rafts which can be paddled or rowed with oars. Canoes are the other word for open boat. These rafts are paddled with one – blade oar in a low kneeling position. Only 1 person can ride in these rafts.

A river rafting is an adventurous sport but full with dangers. Safety rules and regulations differ from the area of expedition. There are always a chances of getting injured, hitting by object or death by drowning. It is recommended that never stand up while in current, as there will be a chances that whole body will be pushed down in underwater. Danger can be made less serious or painful then eliminating by training, scouting and use of safety equipments.

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Camping in Manali : How To


Why camping in Manali

Camping is adventurous in the nature surrounded by green cedar forest and snow covered mountains. One should relax from the tired and hectic schedule of cities; this is the best way to relax. Camping gives you living close to nature, cool breeze and a sound of flowing water of river Beas. These camps mainly run by the Youth Hostel Association of India.


April to June and September to October are the best month for Kullu Manali camps.

Place of camping in Kullu Valley, Manali

In Manali, there are many camping sites from Kullu to Rotang pass. River side camp in Manali Raison 20 Kms before Manali, Forest camping in Manali Solang Valley, High altitude camping: Sarchu in Manali

Status of Camping

Camping is safe and is conducted under the guidance of professional(s). Regular facilities like best sanitation, toilets and hygienic kitchen conditions are given. One should carry woolen cloth, a good pair of shoes, moderate eatables and must go through a heath checkup. The camps are water proof and safe during camping.

Manali camping Packages

We arrange camping for schools, institutions and individual groups. Camping in Manali Himalayas includes nature study, adventure, meditation sessions, cultural introduction etc. For Booking of Hotels in Manali, Please Visit our website

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