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1st Snowfall in Himachal Pradesh (2012)

Manali receives its first snowfall on 9th December 2012 which gives the good opportunity to the tourist to visit and enjoy the vacation in Himachal Pradesh. The 1st snow of the season attracts a lot of tourists for the adventure activities in Manali. The upper Himachal Pradesh region is covered with the white blanket of snow. Rohtang pass received the heaviest snow fall, which makes it more desirable in between the tourists for the adventure activities.

Snowfall in Manali gives a hike in the tourism in Himachal Pradesh. The temperature in the region has gone down but the enthusiasm of the tourists for the snow activities. The tourists will enjoy the activities like skiing, sledging, snow skating, snow boarding, etc. Many activities are open which make this destination more desirable among the tourists. Himachal tourism provides the best tours for the activities to be accomplished in Himachal. The area in between the Manali and Rohtang pass (Kalpa, Lahul valley, Kullu, Narkanda) received a good snowfall. The mountains, trees and valleys are covered with the snow blanket.

The Himachal Pradesh will see the flood in the tourism during the Christmas and New Year eve. The snow fall limited the daily activities of the life. This snow fall, is also not able to stop the tourist to flock in the region for more adventure activities. For more details on Manali snow activities, visit

Jain Food Hotels in Manali

Jain food, mostly consumed by the supporters of Jainism, is considered as the strictest religious diet in which they not only exclude meat, fish and eggs, but also excludes potatoes, onion, garlic and other root foods.

As the Jain’s meal is totally restricted, sometimes Jain people feel uncomfortable while traveling to other destinations for long time period. But to their relief, there is no problem in finding Jain hotels in Manali. There are some hotels in Manali which serves Jain food for Jain people.

Some of the hotels with addresses are:

–         Hotel Natraj

Natraj hotel is located in the middle of Manali valley with 28 rooms. The hotel Natraj is located at the bank of river Beas. The room balcony in the hotel gives the good view of the mountain and valleys. Hotel has a “Chandrakani”, a pure vegetarian restaurant which serves the Indian, Jain, Continental, Chinese and Gujarati food. The hotel is a good choice for Jainism and is travelling to the Manali.

Address: National Highway, Kullu district, Manali, Himachal Pradesh – 175131.

–         Hotel Harmony

Hotel Harmony started in 2008, is fully furnished 22 rooms. The Harmony hotel is situated in the center of Manali and because of its latest facilities with new and latest look, the hotel is known by many in the area. The rooms in hotel give the beautiful view of high peaks and valleys. The Harmony hotel has a restaurant which serves the Indian, continental and Chinese cuisines. This restaurant also serves the Jain food and south Indian on request.

Address: Hotel Harmony, Kanyal Road, Rangri, Post office Chhyal, Tehsil Manali, Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh – 175131

–         Hotel Anupam

Hotel Anupam, having 29 rooms is located in the Dharamshala. The hotel rooms are either hillside or valley side faces. The hotel has all the modern facility which is required in a day to day life. The restaurant in the hotel is a multi cuisine restaurant which serves, continental, Chinese and Mughlai cuisines. The restaurant also serves Jain food on request.

Address: Hotel Anupam, Circuit house road, Kullu district, Manali, Himachal Pradesh – 175131

–         Orchard Retreat Cottages

Orchard retreat cottage in Manali is situated on the Kanyal road in between the apple orchards. This cottage is located near the Hadimba temple. The cottage room has a view of high mountains and Beas river valley. The cottage is well furnished with modern facilities. The restaurant in Orchard retreat cottage caters Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. The cottage restaurant also prepares the Jain and Diabetic food on request.

Address: Orchard Retreat cottage, Kanyal road, Simsa, Kullu district, Manali, Himachal Pradesh – 175131

–         Hotel Nishaad Resorts

Hotel Nishaad resort is situated at the prime location. The Nishaad resort is located far away from the haste and busy life of the Mcleod Ganj market. The rooms in the Nishaad resort are well furnished and equipped with modern amenities. Hotel Nishaad resort has a restaurant which serves the multi cuisine restaurant, even Jain and Gujarati food on request.

Address: Nishaad resort, Naddi (Dharamshala cantt. Upper Mcleod Ganj), Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh – 176219.

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Activities in Manali

Activities in manali

What To do in Manali?

Manali, although called the Land of God, is also the most happening place for adventure. Manali in its serene beauty is full of exciting and thrilling sports. Down the rapid Beas River, from the valley, across the gigantic mountains or on the silent banks, the adventure can be cultivated in the form of sports. The entire place is the perfect combination for both relaxation and adventures.

Among the most famous adventurous sports are the Trekking, River Rafting, Skiing, Paragliding, Fishing, and Mountaineering. These activities are the most common thrills that attract tourists to Manali. All these activities are quite safe and happen under proper trainers.

Trekking is the most adventurous sports, a sportsman can desire. Walking on the treks of the mountains, rivers and exploring with utmost difficulties and still feeling excited and rejuvenated. There may be lots of pain and suffering, but your quest to reach to the top, generates the feeling of closeness to nature, satisfaction and eternal joy which is sublime. You can find the endless experience of trekking in the Kullu Valley of Manali.

River Rafting is one of the most excited and irresistible sports. It gives immense pleasure to feel the splashing waves of the river while rowing the raft. The noise of the waves and the speed of water boost the spirit of a person to rejuvenate the challenging task of rafting. One can find the rafting sites in the Rapid Beas River, Mohal, Rason & Katrain etc.

Skiing brings you close to the nature. Surrounded by beautiful snow covering mountains and skiing freely on the snow with the effortless push of gravity brings so much excitement and enthusiasm. Just keep exhilarating in the snow capped mountains all around and running on the snow and leaving behind the blazing path you followed. You will find peace all around the Solang Valley of Manali, as there is only pure white snow wherever your sight goes.

Paragliding which is organized in the Solang Valley attracts several tourists who visit Manali. What could be the best way to see the beauty of the nature from the top and flying high in the sky? It is the recreational and spirited sport. It brings excitement and fun while gliding in the air and watching the Mother Nature. You can take small flights or high flights depending upon the experience you have in skiing. But one thing is for sure, that this ultimate experience can never fade up from your mind.

Fishing is for the calm and peace loving persons. In the tranquil ambiance and green valley of Manali one can find relief and warmth of the nature. Just sitting on the bank of the river and having your snacks. Taking pleasure in the spectacular surroundings you will be out of the world.

Mountaineering or climbing up the mountains is not an easy job. But there are people with Great Spirit and enthusiasm who can travel through the mountains with great pleasure. Indian Himalayas are the way for many mountaineers all over the world. It opens gateways for amateur mountaineers. Climbing over the high passes with difficulties, yet with determination is the source of inspiration for all of us.

Ballooning is such fun, while roaming over the hills of Manali in a large Balloon and viewing the site scenes from the top.

Camping in Manali between the adorable weather and in the arms of Mother Nature is the best part which no one wants to miss. Chilling yourself in the summer season in cool breeze is truly unforgettable.

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First Seasonal Snowfall of 2011

First Snow Fall

Manali in Himachal Pradesh is the most tourist popular attraction. Manali, at the height of 1,950, experiences the most pleasant weather. In summers weather is 16 degree Celsius and winter is covered with white sheet of snow.

23rd December 2011, was the best time for tourists. On Friday, Himachal Pradesh received it’s First snow fall in Manali. For winter lovers, it is a good time to visit Manali. Manali snowfall gives a hike in the tourism in Himachal Pradesh. Area in between Manali and Rohtang areas received a good fall. Kalpa ( Kinnaur), Lahul Valley, Spiti, Kullu, Narkanda and other tourist destinations also received a good snowfall. After snowfall winter adventure sport will like Skiing will started.

Road covered with 3 inches thick blanket of snow and Rohtang and Lahul Valley receives 6 inches thick blanket. All the mountains, Valleys, trees are covered with the thick blanket of snow. The tourist rush will increase at Christmas and New Year Eve. Thunder storm and hail storm has brings the temperature down by 4 degree Celsius. Kharapathar also faces the light snow fall. Snowfall in Upper Hilly areas and rain in lower areas has lowered the temperature in other northern states.

The Manali snowfall has hampered the normal life. Vehicle movement is also hit by this fall at India – Tibet Road. Children and elder people prefer to stay indoors, because of severe cold waves.

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Luxury Hotels in Manali

Luxury Hotels

Manali, a beautiful hill station, is in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. This city is 250 Kms. away from capital Shimla. Manali is said to be the Queen Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is said that saint Manu first settle at this place after the Maha Pralaya. Manali has many significant heritage and Indian culture. Manali now is a cosmopolitan hill station; with people from different places have start settling here.

Manali gives an easy comfort to their tourist and enjoy their holidays from the tiring schedule from the urban life. From Chandigarh to Manali, routes are self enjoyable. This journey is 8 hours long but whole route is full of sightseeing beauties. A tourist can also see the flow of springs which emerges from mountains and will merge ahead in the River Beas, snow covered mountain peaks and the whole route is as smooth as it is a National Highway.

Manali have all sorts and types of hotels and resorts. Hotels have all luxury facilities for family as well as business.

Hotels have facilities for business purposes like:

Conference halls

Wi-Fi connections

Video conferencing rooms



Hygienic food

Multi cuisine restaurants

Games areas

Lawns and Gardens full of flowers

Well equipped bars and

24×7 room services.

One could enjoy their holidays while connecting with the work.

For family vacations, luxury hotels have a tourist cell which provides you with all information related sightseeing, vehicle hiring etc. Hotels have adventurous in-house games, enjoyable activity for kids and all. Many luxury hotels provide a good and affordable holiday packages. Hotels even provide buffet and A La Carte facilities in their meal plans.

Luxury hotels Manali are located everywhere. We can locate them on bank of rivers, top of hills and with glacier views.

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Rohtang Pass in Himachal – WOW Snow Covered Area Of Manali

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass in Himachal – WOW Snow Covered Area Of Manali.

Rohtang Pass means Piles of Corpses, because of its unpredictable snow storms, blizzards and dangerous terrain. Rohtang Pass word is derived from Tibetan word in which ‘RO’ means Spirit and ‘TANG’ means Cold. This is a place where spirits freezes in winters. Buddhists called this place Rohtang La and Kullu’s local people called it Rohtang Jot. This is a Mountain Pass which is in the eastern part of the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. Rohtang Pass is 49 Kms. away from the Manali city. This Pass connects the Manali with Lahaul and Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India.

This route is the most ancient and 1st route to Leh Ladakh in India and an ancient trade route for Pir Panjal. From this Pass, two rivers are also originated, River Beas from the southern part of this Pass and River Chandra from the northern part of the Pass, which becomes the source river for Chenab River.

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is located at the height of 4000 mtrs. This Pass is open for Tourists only from June to October. This Pass is busy during the summer seasons because of the military movements. During summer season, traffic logs become the common problems because of the heavy military vehicle movements, trucks and goods carriers. This problem is major because of the narrow roads and rough terrains. This is the place where snow covered mountains will be seen even in summers also. This is the perfect location for Skiing in winters.


This Pass is the best snow point in the Himachal Pradesh. In summer, the temperature is from 10 degree to 25 degrees. In winter, the temperature goes down till -7 degree with 8 to 10 feet of snow sheet. During monsoon time it is preferable to avoid the Rohtang Pass, as the weather is totally unpredictable with landslides, storms, blizzards and untrustworthy terrains. Best time to visit Rohtang Pass is from June to October, as during this time, the weather is pleasant. But during other months this Pass is closed because of the heavy Snowfall and Snow Storms. Rohtang Pass is closed from the month November to May from Rohtang to Leh. It is preferred to carry light woolens during summer season and heavy woolens during the winter season.

Rohtang Tunnel

This horseshoe shaped tunnel, is the longest tunnel in India. This tunnel is 8.8 Kms long. Rohtang Tunnel is built on Leh Manali Highway. This tunnel is made for the all weather road route, so that round the year connectivity is there with Lahaul – Spiti Valley. This Rohtang Tunnel is the only route to Ladakh, as other routes like Zoji La Pass on Srinagar – Drass – Kargil – Leh highway are blocked for 4 months by the heavy snowfall. These two routes (one Manali – Leh Highway and other Zoji La Pass) are the important routes for military supplies.

How to reach Rohtang Pass:

There are three possible ways to reach Rohtang Pass.


If a person wants to go to Rohtang Pass through Air, than Bhuntar Airport in Kullu is the nearest airport for the pass. From the Bhuntar airport, taxis are available to drop at Rohtang Pass.


The nearest Broad Gauge Railway Station is in Jogindar Nagar near Mandi. The other nearest Broad Gauge Railway Stations are from Ambala Cantt., Chandigarh and Kirathpur Sahib in Punjab near the city of Nangal.


As there is not a direct service to Rohtang Pass, a person will go to Rohtang Pass through Manali route. There are Volvo bus services from Delhi, Leh, Shimla and Dharamshala. The distance between the Delhi to Manali is to 14 hours, Ambala to Manali is 10 hours and from Kullu to Manali is 1.5 to 3 hours.

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Manali Around and About

Manali Around and About

Manali Around and About

Manali, the Queen Valley of Himachal Pradesh, is situated in the western of the Himalayas at the height of 2050 mtr. (Approx. 6398 ft.). Manu, who is said to the creator of the human mankind, first settle in Manali. Thus, the area is considered as a sacred place for pilgrims.

Manali, also known as paradise, is covered with green mountains and waterfalls. Green grasslands and valleys are best views in Manali. Because of its green scenery, it is one of the best Tourist places in India. The best views can be viewed through adventurous activities like Trekking, Skiing, Paragliding, Mountaineering etc. In winter’s Manali is the most beautiful place to visit. The peaks covered with snow make it the most attractive place for the Tourists.

The activities in Manali are endless. Anyone can go around in Manali, without any guidance, until unless it is related with adventure. The Tourism in Manali is best for Honeymoon, Vacations and Adventurous Activities.

Places to visit in Manali:
Rohtang Pass:
51 Kms far from Manali with an altitude of approx. 4000 is the highest peak on Keylong Highway. This place is full of beauty of cliffs, ravines, moraines and glaciers. This pass is open only from June to October as at other time period it is closed because of snow. This is one of the gateways for Lahaul- spiti, Pangi and Leh valley. The lake here is a boating point for the tourists, within the Km’s distance is the SNOW POINT. A Tourist who has never seen a snow before, Snow Point is a perfect place. Shops on the roads give the opportunity to shop the colorful woolens.

Solang Valley:
Solang Valley between Manali and Kothi is a perfect view for Glaciers and Snow covered Mountains. February is the best month to go for Solan Valley. This valley is suitable for adventurous activities like Rock Climbing, Skiing etc. The training institute trains the tourist by basic instructions for adventurous trips.

Tibetan Temple:
A Buddhist temple, which contains many idols of Buddha, is famous for Tibetan handicrafts and carpet weaving. The Tibetan monasteries are located in a town and at Aleo, on the left bank of River Beas.

Hadimba Devi Temple:
Hadimba, also known as Hidimba (Hirma, Doongri), was built in 1553 A.D. This temple is said to be constructed by Raja Bahadur Singh and was dedicated to Bhima’s wife Hidimba. This temple is made of 4 tiered pagoda shaped roof with figures and shapes craved on the doorways. This four story temple is located in the middle of a forest called Dhungri Van Vihar. It is a pleasant experience to admire the beauty of the temple. In May, a festival is held in this temple.

A village surrounded by forest on the hill is a lovely place to visit. It is an hour’s drive away from the main city of Manali. In 16th century, Naggar was the capital of Kullu, which is famous for castle. Castle, now a Himachal Pradesh Tourism Hotel, is famous for its Glory. On the hill is a famous Krishna Mandir, with old style architecture.

A small village 12 Km. away from Manali on the road to Rohtang Pass, is a beautiful place. River Beas flow through the deep and narrow gorge which is 30 mtrs. in depth and other fine views of mountains and valleys make this place famous. The second famous thing for this place is the picturization for movies. This place also provides a peaceful ambience for poets and writers.

This village is famous for stone temples of Vashisht Rishi and Lord Ram. This village is 3 Km. away from Manali. This place is famous for Natural Hot Water Spring, which is said to carry medicinal properties. Tourist takes bath in this hot water, which has a separate bath place for ladies and gents.

Other Site Scenes:
The other site places for visit in and around Manali are Rohla Falls, Kullu, Marhi, Club House, Nehru Kund, Jagatsukh, Arjun Gufa, Malana Valley, Manali Sanctuary, Temple of Manu, Rahala Water falls etc.

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